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"A fresh, new, innovative take on an interview show!  Lots of fun!" - Carole Dean, From the Heart Productions

Interview with Showrunner Jeanette Bonner - We Are Moving Stories

Writing of a Talk Show: Notecards, Improv and Heck Yeah – Ice Cream! - ScriptMag

Local-Express: Interview with Jeanette Bonner - Queens Gazette

Nasty Bitch Radio, The Resister Project

"Nasty Bitch Radio by Cat Crowley is a horrifically hilarious inversion of the talk-radio hellscape... with co-anchors Lex Friedman a furnace of contained sarcasm and rebel intensity and Jeanette Bonner virtuosically losing her shit and finding her voice.  Inspiring." - HiLobrow

Ghost Light: the Web Series

"Bonner has created a likeable bunch of characters...and knows how to display her characters’ quirks without making them annoying.  I wouldn’t have expected any less from this talented group!" - WebVee Guide

"A comic and loving glimpse into the backstage life." - Playbill

Other features, articles & interviews include B*tch Flicks, Broadway World, The Write Teachers, Broadway Box, BuzzFeed, Andalusia Star News, American Theatre Magazine, Get Creative Social Media, GenreTainment, Super Geeked Up LIVE!, and The Queens Gazette

Love. Guts. High School.

"Bonner is an exuberant performer and very easy to watch.  Very funny." 

- Broadway Baby

"The bitter-sweet raw emotion and the honesty of Bonner’s performance is quite captivating.  Highly recommended."  Fringe Review

“Bonner does a bang-up job injecting an ‘it’ factor…She is someone to keep an eye on in the future.” - Not Right Never Wrong Theater 

"Jeanette Bonner proves she is the perfect mix of spunky and vulnerable - her voice (as both an actor and writer) is so nuanced and compelling.  Jump on the Jeanette bandwagon now."  - Molly Pearson, Co-Artistic Director, Partial Comfort Productions

“I’m happy to say this solo show is actually a ruefully comic reflection on adolescent naiveté. Bonner is a magnetic and precise performer… entertaining show."

- DramaQueen

"The show was brilliant.  Bonner captures with real depth, the experience of being a teenager, morphing in to adulthood."  Mumble Theater


"Jeanette dives deeply into her work. . . I felt as if I went on a whole ride."  
 - Janice Goldberg, Artistic Co-Director, Artistic New Directions

Additional interviews & articles include Broadway Baby, Broadway World, Bon-Vivant, Stage Buzz, FreshAir Radio, and The Trinity College Reporter.

The 39 Steps

"This cast is outstanding as an ensemble,  They work together well, playing off one another's energy and inventiveness, taking their moments in the limelight when necessary but never commanding the stage for longer than they ought.  Within the context of the story, these four actors are responsible for manifesting not only a host of characters, but the locations which they occupy, and the red herrings for which Hitchcock was justly famous.  Jeanette Bonner has the distinction of taking on four female characters, all of whom are integral to the plot.  It's a daunting task at best, but these four pull off moment after moment, bringing together not only the actual story but a plethora of sly references to people, places, and things made legendary in just about every Hitchcock film in existence.  A top-notch team of actors." - Caught in the Act

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