feelin' analog? 

Film Reel (2022)

snobby Upper East Side mom in HBO's GOSSIP GIRL, sarcastic single woman, fed up girlfriend, straight-talking love interest, guileless chatterbox

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Season One: Episode 11 "You Can't Take it With Jules" (Peyton)

The Scoop Highlight Reel

THE SCOOP is a hybrid docuseries that investigates the stories behind NYC's local and independent ice cream shops and invites top creative professionals for a fun, high level conversation about their career.

Hosting Reel 

THE SCOOP talk/ food show, WELCOME TO NY docuseries, PATHWAY Oral Heath Accelerator Live Event (NYC)

The Feather - Trailer 

Writer/ Producer/ Actor.  During a less than incredible first date, an unusual moment with a loose feather could change the course of the night.

Ghost Light: the Web Series - Season Two Trailer

Writer/ Producer/ Actor. A series that pulls the curtain back on backstage life as a community theater's stagehands fight to save their theater from an evil condo developer.