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Actor. Producer. Writer. Host. 
Lover of storytelling and ice cream.


Love Sick still.jpg

October 16, 2022

Producer/ Actor in new short noir Love Sick

For the past year, I've been working on developing this new film with the most wonderful creative team. We're heading into post-production and can't wait to bring this film to audiences in the new year!

PLL E6 5.jpg

August 18, 2022

First recurring Co-Star on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin!

What started out as a non-speaking co-star grew to a two episode arc as one of the characters central to the plot. What an incredible experience this was - I'll never forget you, Rose Waters! 

Gossip Girl 3.jpg

December 3, 2021

Made my TV debut on Gossip Girl!

I never thought that 2021 would bring me my first TV credit!  This day on set is a day I'll never forget. I'm always grateful for the signs that I am on the right track. Episode 11 of Gossip Girl is now streaming on HBO Max!

"Bonner is an exuberant performer and very easy to watch.  Very funny." 
                                                                                            - Broadway Baby
WINNER - NYC Women Filmmakers Microgrant - 2021.png
NOMINEE - Grove Film Festival - BEST ACTRESS black on white.png
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